Scholarship Program

The 2020-2021 Scholarship Application is now posted on the RTO/ERO website at:


On this page you will find some background and process information on the program and a link to the application.



Who is eligible?

Any post-secondary student recommended by an RTOERO member, including members of family, who is directly entering or already studying in a college or university program that leads to a career which could benefit RTOERO members and seniors in Canada such as: health sciences; medicine; nursing; personal care; geriatric health care; research into healthy active living for seniors; architects and designers of age-friendly spaces. RTOERO members are not personally eligible for the RTOERO post-secondary scholarship, but are encouraged to recommend students in their lives who meet the criteria. Successful applicants may be awarded the RTOERO scholarship only once. 



Deadline Date

Midnight January 29, 2021.